denke gesund - lebe ballastfrei
          Entdecke Dich selbst durch die Kraft und Energie der Natur. Erfinde Dich neu & gehe DEINEN Weg!                                      

Feeling lightness - giving joy - love living from the bottom of your heart


Manja Goell. Living in Berlin.

Curiosity and unhealthy handling of pressure situations, but also the anticipatory call of the Philippi method to build up the nervous system, the metabolism as well as the immune system in a simple but systematic way, were the ones that led me to the small village Taubenheim in the Oberlausitz in late summer 2011.

Still, I did not expect anything back then. Neither that my life would actually change in any way, nor would my conflicts and problems then dissolve. But I was driven by hope. After more peace in life, to make peace with myself, love of life and the desire not to run away from myself anymore. Become more compassionate with my surroundings and better understand my fellow human beings. It was unimaginable to me then that I myself would be able to turn my life around myself. And that's why my since then everlasting change and development is a little miracle for me, which is valid every day for me to receive.
During my five-month training in biosens, the Philippi method then unexpectedly turned my life completely upside down. Made me think about my previous patterns of thinking and my behavior towards me and my fellow human beings and let them question them after the first seminar. Provided me with impulses and precise instructions to be able to cope with conflicts in the future or even avoid them altogether. If necessary, without any aids. Problems have become, over time, difficulties for which there is always a solution. But I also realized that my training as a biosens was only a first step towards a fuller healthy life. That no one is there who can just charm my difficulties away, but that it is a task for life. But for my further way a priceless gift was placed in the lap, which it is worth to guard for a lifetime. An effective self-help for the care of my health. So the Philippi method, which I do not want to miss anymore today because of the countless many loving and helpful people I met through this, has become the foundation for my health today. At this point my thanks to all those who have paved the way for me and led me to this method. And my sincere apologies to all those whom I may have turned my back on and may have injured.
Almost parallel to my training in biosens, essential oils entered my life for the first time. And the desire for a more natural way of life grew. But as the saying goes, good things take a while. For years, I used essential oils only sporadically. In between, I have tried a lot of different things. Until I finally decided to change the processes in my household. To banish chemical cleaners from my apartment. To switch my cosmetics to natural products or to make them myself. To say goodbye to the industrial mainstream, to create a healthy home and to recharge my batteries in my little energy oasis "home" with essential oils, herbs and bioenergetic mediation.
My site is supposed to be an offer for people who are looking for ways out in their lives, who want to free themselves from burdens or heaviness in life. Which have already tried many things, may have failed, but have not lost the courage and hope, and continue to seek the solution of your difficulties in life. My wish is to accompany people who want to change their lives, much as I did back then, and to show alternative ways of effectively and quickly changing their direction of life. How to get back to the ease and joy in your life. No matter where the shoe pushes.
But my page should also be an offer for people who want to bring more abundance and joy into their lives. Who appreciate our earth as the only home we have, love it, and want a fairer relationship with it. Which so far perhaps lacked the necessary impulse to, for example, systematically rid the household of ballast or toxins. Or no longer want to expose the body to unnecessary chemistry by taking or using industrially manufactured products and still want to miss nothing.
However, my page should not be one. A path to extremes or condemning others' lifestyles. It should not be an invitation to you to radical changes in life and the compulsion to have something necessarily and want to live, what you do not see from your innermost conviction as your way. It should only inspire. You decide your own pace in every situation. Since only you yourself should ultimately be accountable to you about your actions. For, despite my love of nature and my confidence in strengthening health naturally, I am open to modernity and progress as I firmly believe that both components will move mountains together in the future. Both for the recovery of our society, our environment and the health of each individual.And so it is my deepest conviction that every way of life has its raison d'être and every human being goes his own way as well as he can go in this situation. Or also like. Nevertheless, it is often the little things in life that make us dissatisfied, thirsting for change, and looking for simple solutions. And that enable us to make a big change in life from many small steps. In the positive as in the negative.
The Philippi Method has taught me, step by step, to better understand myself and others The use and processing of simple products to perfect little helpers in everyday life and the integration of healthy thinking in my everyday life have greatly strengthened my awareness of my environment. And help me realize what I was and am looking for all my life. Order by system. Inner peace and balance.
Finally, this page is also for my family, my friends and acquaintances, who have accompanied my life and still accompany. For those who want to continue to participate in my life. My love of travel, nature and the most heartfelt desire to help, whether in my calling as a biosens or when my advice is needed.My door is always open to anyone who has found me, trust me or seek my advice. 
I would be glad, if the contents of my page aroused your interest and possibly also gave impulses for change. Feel invited and be inspired by the things that have caught your attention. Go your way and always follow your intuition. Please feel free to contact me. Let me know your wishes, questions or suggestions. Maybe also your fears and worries, which are currently haunting you. Let's talk about it. We will surely find a way out.
I wish you heartfelt health, peace, joy and a fulfilling life.
 Sincerely, Manja Göll.